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Emerald Creek Farm

Transform Your Equestrian Business Website

Hi, I'm Thomas Shields, a website designer specializing in equestrian-related businesses. Over the past year, I've helped many businesses achieve massive success in usability, reachability, client satisfaction, and most importantly, increased revenue.

Key Takeaways

Introduction and Expertise

I specialize in designing websites for equestrian-related businesses.

I've achieved significant success in enhancing usability, reachability, client satisfaction, and increasing revenue for my clients.

Detailed Analysis of Emerald Creek Farm's Website

I will identify gaps and opportunities for optimization on your website.

I'll use data from City Island Stables as a comparative example to illustrate my points.

Key Metrics for Website Success

Reachability: Importance of appearing in relevant search results.


Ease of navigation and interaction on your website.


Ability to convert visitors into customers.

Customer Satisfaction

How satisfied customers are with their online experience.

Issues Identified

  1. Your website relies heavily on Google Ads for visibility.

  2. It has a low authority score and limited organic keywords.

  3. The online booking system is ineffective.

  4. There are no automated processes for easier managment.

  5. The user interface for key features needs improvement.

Comparative Analysis with City Island Stables

City Island Stables achieves better results with a higher.. 

  1. Authority score.

  2. Organic Traffic.

  3. Effective Usability Features.

Proposed Solutions

  1. Improve your website's organic search rankings without relying on paid ads.

  2. Enhance the usability and user interface for seamless online interactions.

  3. Implement automated feedback and booking systems to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

  4. Provide examples of proven results from other clients to illustrate potential gains.

  5. Put this business in the light it deserves

In Conclusion what I'm saying is..

  1. Their is major potential for significant improvements and increased revenue for your business.

  2. I am personally committed to helping Emerald Creek Farm succeed.

Dana, thank you for your time.

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