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Specialized Equestrian Website Package

This is by far one of the most comprehensive solution we have brought to the table at SW Digital. This package encompasses online booking, party reservations, automatic invoicing, integrated chatting directly on the website, client relationship management to save all client info, subscription, payment plans & so much more. This website is the future of equine business management with a price that is just unbeatable.  

Our Latest Work

Hudson Valley HHC

Green lotus logo of Hudson Valley Holistic Healing Center, signifying wellness and tranquility.

Hudson Valley Holistic Healing Center provides a serene retreat for those looking to enhance their wellness journey. Through a tailored website design by SW Digital, the center’s philosophy of holistic health is captured in a seamless, interactive online experience. Our digital craftsmanship highlights their range of services, from the rejuvenating Salt Cave and Oxygen Bar to yoga and meditation classes, inviting users to explore and book a tranquil escape for mind, body, and soul.

New York Smoke

Logo of New York Smoke, featuring stylish script and a crown, representing quality smoking accessories.

At SW Digital, our collaboration with New York Smoke Glass Shop highlights our commitment to elevating retail experiences online. Their store in Wappingers Falls stands out for its emphasis on quality products, customer-centric service, and an atmosphere that makes every visitor feel welcome. By translating these values into their online space, we've created a digital storefront that not only showcases their best-in-class products but also reflects the store's dedication to building genuine connections with their customers.

nside New York Smoke, the best glass shop in the Hudson Valley, with a vibrant atmosphere.

City Island Stables

City Island Stables stands as an urban sanctuary where horse enthusiasts and equestrian traditions thrive amidst the bustle of New York City. Our partnership has encapsulated this essence within their digital presence, creating an inviting online space that highlights their comprehensive services—ranging from trail rides to expert horse care and boarding. The shared passion for horsemanship at City Island Stables resonates through the user experience we've crafted, inviting riders and visitors alike to explore a simpler lifestyle with respect and compassion at its core

Animated display of City Island Stables homepage, inviting users to experience urban horse riding and boarding services

Pelham Bit Carriage Co.

Classic logo of Pelham Bit Carriage Company with a horse and carriage, reflecting elegance and tradition

Pelham Bit Carriage Co. offers a blend of historical charm and modern luxury through their horse-drawn carriage services. Their tailored experiences, ranging from picturesque tours to special events, showcase their dedication to creating memorable moments while maintaining tradition. With over 30 years serving the NYC and Tri-State area, they exemplify excellence in creating unique and customizable carriage experiences.

Animated scene of a Pelham Bit carriage ride, showcasing their mobile service that brings the joy of horse-drawn carriages to