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Crosswinds Equestrian Center Video Presentation

General Overview

The website includes sections on boarding, training, riding lessons, and summer camps. The homepage features a Crosswinds Center sign and categories for different services, but it lacks an intuitive layout and user-friendly design.


The boarding section lists the benefits but lacks clarity and engagement. Contact information is provided, but the method (opening the email client) is not the most user-friendly approach.

Training and Riding Lessons

The training section is missing contact information and social media links for staff, which limits user interaction. Prices for riding lessons are listed directly, but there are no clear calls to action for users to get in touch or learn more.

Contact and Interaction

Many pages lack contact buttons or social media tags, making it difficult for users to engage with the business. Interactive elements like clickable links and buttons are either missing or non-functional, which can frustrate users.

General Issues

  1. Navigation and contact points are not user-friendly, making it hard for potential clients to get the information they need.

  2. The site lacks engaging features that encourage users to explore further or take action.Some elements, like unrelated pictures and non-functional links, add to the confusion.

Improvements Suggested

  1. Add more intuitive contact methods, such as clickable phone numbers or chat features, to each service section.

  2. Include social media links and individual staff bios to enhance personal branding and engagement.
    Implement an on-site chat feature for immediate user interaction.

  3. Ensure a consistent contact form is available on every page to make it easier for users to reach out.

  4. Make digital forms mobile responsive and legally binding to streamline the registration process.

  5. Integrate booking systems that allow for online payments and easy scheduling, reducing no-shows and improving user experience.

  6. Verify that all clickable elements function correctly and lead to relevant information or actions.

Comparison to Other Sites

Compared to a better-designed site I built, the current website lacks visual appeal and functionality.

Final Remarks

Provided professional insights for improving the website's user experience and functionality.

Encouraged feedback and further discussion for potential collaboration, emphasizing my commitment to delivering value from the start.

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